Thursday, September 25, 2008

So there I was...

So this year for my birthday (it was on the 19th of Sept. for all those of you who forgot...thanks alot ya weenies...j/k, I nearly forgot it myself. At this age I feel lucky if I remember to brush my teeth...speaking of which...I'll be right back... ) anyhow, I got a very special gift from my wonderful hubby. It's really a cute story...ready? So there I was...

Home alone on a Thursday night, feeling rather lonely and deserted, I had just sat down to unwind from a monotonous day of breast feeding, potty training, cleaning, cooking, coloring, chasing a screaming 2 year old around, force feeding rice cereal down an uncooperative 5month old's esophagus, and getting ready to eat an entire bowl of popcorn by myself. I was just wondering why I hadn't heard from my hubby yet, when suddenly... the phone rang.

"Finally, jeez its 9:00 at night, what took him so long to call?" I wondered to myself. Ben had spent the last two nights in DC, one of my most favorite places on earth, at some work conference. Poor thing got stuck there for two days of classes, and in the evenings when he got off, eating at Ruth's Chris on perdium and going to the movies with all his buddies.

Anyways, it was Ben on the line, calling to tell me all about his grueling day of class and the tasty steak dinner he enjoyed and the awesome movie he got to go see. Feeling rather sorry for myself for being stuck at home while he got to go out and play, I told him about my day (which never is much different from every other day) while I was peeking out the peek hole in our front door. I was watching some weird utility truck that had parked just outside or house with some dizzying flashing orange light on top. I was keeping a close watch out on the worker guy who had gotten out of the truck and was standing nearly in our front yard holding up some crazy alien beaconing device. I was making sure he didn't lunge towards our solid oak front door and break it in with one swift karate chop to the dead bolt to try and rape and pillage me and kidnap my kids and burgle and vandalize us. (he didn't by the way... pillage us...whatever that means)

The truck drove off and I breathed a sigh of relief and headed to the couch to eat my gargantuan sized bowl of popcorn and continue chatting with my hubby. He started asking me what we had been doing all day and what I wanted for my birthday the next day. I told him all I really wanted was for him to come home and be with me. I missed him so much. He said he missed us and he wished he could be home with us too. Then he started telling me what metro stops he was getting off and on and how he was now walking towards his hotel. Having spent six weeks there last year, I knew well all the in's and outs of DC. I was remembering all the metro stops, and the street names, and all the wonderful sights and smells of the District. I was picturing in my mind exactly where he was and what he was probably seeing when suddenly, I heard a knock at the door. My heart skipped a beat and I felt my guts turn into jello.
"Yikes!" I thought to myself, "The utility worker is back to rape and pillage me!"
" What the heck?" I said to Ben. "Somebody just knocked on the door."

"This late?" Ben asked.

"What should I do?" I whispered to Ben over the phone.

"Go look out the peek hole and see who it is," he said.

I crept over to the door, super sleuth style, so as not to be detected by my attacker. I peeked out the peek hole and could see only the outline of the creepo burglar waiting patiently for me to invite him in and kindly show him where all our valuables were hidden. (Not that we actually have any valuables... besides our kids of coarse. That is the truth too, just in case you are a creepo burglar reading this...don't waste your time burgling us, it would be to no avail.)

"I can't see who it is, it's too dark," I whispered into the phone. "Should I turn the light on?"

"Ya, turn in on so you can see who it is," Ben encouraged.

"But then he'll know somebody is home," I said questioning his resolve to protect his wife and children.

"Just turn in on," he said in a tone that reassured me that I was being a little ridiculous.

"O.k.," I hesitated. Then I decided it would be better to see the villain's face first, in case I survived the attack , so as to make it easier to identify him in the line up down at the station after all was said and done. I flipped on the light and to my delightful surprise, it was no attacker at all! If you haven't already guessed the ending... it was in fact Ben! Yaaay! Home one night early, here to help celebrate my birthday and fight off my attackers. Just what I wanted, spot on!

He is such a great husband, I love him so much. He is my very best friend and I love him more and more everyday. I hate every minute we're apart and I count down the seconds each day he's at work until he gets home. I never get sick of hanging out with him and I feel so lucky he is mine. Needless to say, we made the most out of the rest of the evening with some well needed lover and lover time ;);)(wink, wink) treats, and a movie. It was a great early birthday present and I couldn't have been more surprised.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Carter Creek

As part of our party month last month, we took a super fun camping trip to the Uintah's to a sweet camp ground, Carter Creek. We get to use it through Ben's work. It has 6 or 7 little cabins and a few trailers that you can rent. It has a little playground, volleyball net, horseshoes and lots of fun little streams and beaver dams. We went up with some friends and stayed for a few nights. I'm going to post most of our pictures from this trip cause a lot of Ben's co-workers wanted to check out the camp ground for future reference.



The back room

The big room

The kitchen The outside of the cabins

Kai playing in a bucket

We really enjoy camping and this is the first time we have ever cabin camped. It is most definitely a different story in a cabin vs a tent. We learned there is a lot to say about 'convenience' especially when it comes to bringing children along. I have a feeling this won't be the last time we cabin camp!

The party's over...Booo:(

August was a big party month for us. Ben was out of school for the whole month, so we had every spare minute we could find planned out. No time for blogs or emails or anything extra. We took weekend trips and day hikes and short days off of work to go and play. We spent some time priming our garage and working on some other projects too. It was so fun. We always have the best time together with our little family. We have lots of pictures... so be prepared. We'll be short and sweet with the captions so you don't have to spend five hours reading our blog. Here it goes...
After Park City Fun in the tub

Family Hike






Consumation Rock (the name speaks for itself:))

These guys forgot their skins

Ben added the third band to my ring











Black widows

We had 3 on the front porch in one night

We've killed 4 others since (well Ben, not me)


Just because they're cute!

Holding hands in the car

We had lots and lots of fun and we are bummed out school started again. Soon enough though, Ben will be done and then we can spend all our time playing together. We can't wait.