Sunday, February 28, 2010


Well, well, well...look who finally decided to start blogging again. April 15th...April 15th!!! That was the last time I blogged. That was forever ago! I went on blogging boycott for a while, but in all reality, I really miss it. It is just fun to stay caught up in peoples life's and to document my own. I love to look back at old posts and remember what I was thinking or feeling at random times in life. Saving pictures on the computer is great and they are so fun to see, but it's the commentary on life that I love having in the end- and that is where blogging comes in handy. So I have decided to hop back on the bandwagon and see how things go (i know this is like the third time i've done this so i'm not making any promises).

But this time it will be different. Different ya hear? (i'm reiterating to me...just so you know)

By different I mean simplified. No more checking my blog 12 times a day to see if anyone new has commented or to see who has updated. No more over thinking each and every comment to make sure it is funny enough or applicable. No more rereading and rereading every new post before publishing. Get it done and move on.

While it is so fun to blog and spend all day scrap booking memories, I need to be so careful that it doesn't interfere with my current life. No more neglecting the kids or the house or personal hygiene for the sake of the blog. I do love to get comments and therefore I love to leave comments but, I have to make a conscious effort to make it short and sweet. I really don't want to get in over my head with blogging. It is really worth it to have a blog, such a great way to keep a journal and at the same time maintain relationships and interact with grownups, but it can't come at the expense of my family. Then it becomes not worth it. That is where I left off back in April. I think I was putting too much time into the wrong places and I needed to refocus on me and my family.

So, I took some time off, had a baby, redirected my focus, and now I feel ready to re-enter the world of blogging.

Here are just some of the things that have gone on with us since last April...

April 25th-Jude's 1st birthday
May- Ben graduated with his masters degree (MBA). WOOT WOOT! (i love how we are all looking in the same direction)
Also in May- Friends trip to San Diego. 6 adults+ 6 kids +gear+airport security = utter chaos. But what a riot! And this is a really gross picture of me. But Ben was pretty stoked that his girlfriend was able to sneak into the backgroundJune 14th- Kai's 2nd birthday
July- Friends camping trip to Carter Creek (Uintah's)

hike to Lewis Peak (at 5 months prego i might add...go me!)

August-family trip to Uintahs (marsden side)Kai's first day of preschool (i only cried for like 2 hours...literally. Kai did great though. i need help)

September - my 29th birthday. YIKES! (that means that i turn 30 this year-that sounds so weird!)
October-annual Powder Mtn. family tree carving. Time to add the newcomers to our tree's (our baby and heather and pete's baby). Halloween: FYI-we totally homemade the cow costumes...thank you, thank you (i'm bowing)cute little corn maze and huge slippery slide

December- Our sweet little baby Lake arrived December 18th and she is perfect in every way and we simply cannot get enough of her (more to come on this later...hopefully)

oh, i also got a new camera for Christmas...well for christmas, mothers day, birthday, anniversary, and valentines day this year...and next. You can here more about it on my photo blog, or you can just click, here. And you will most likely see more pictures of Lake there too- seeing how she is such a willing subject.

So I think that about covers it. I hope to be updating a little more regularly from now on. And I am also very excited to get caught up with reading all of your blogs and find out what you have been up to the last year or so (remember the whole ocd thing? if i can't update my own blog then i can't blog at all, including reading anyone elses). So it may take me a little while to get back into the loop, but it should be fun and I am looking forward to it.


Jordan and Erin Farr said...

I'm glad to see that you are back. Lake is beautiful! Bostyn is always talking about her best friend Kai. I hope to hear more from you guys. Hope all is well.

Jordan and Erin Farr said...

I forgot to tell you that we have made our blog private. If you want an invite send me your email so that I can add you.

Cory said...

Good to hear from you again! I agree about all of the comments on blogging. It is a nice way to connect but can definitely take too much time if you let it. Your family is beautiful (and so are you). I'll be glad to read your occasional updates. :)...oh, and this is Shiree. I am accidentally logged in as Cory.

John and Rachael Alexander said...

Yeah!... glad you are back in the blog world! Lake is gorgeous- I haven't seen her yet! Glad you are doing well!

Jayne said...

YAY!! You are back! I have been anxiously waiting to see what your new addition looked like! She is beautiful as is all of your kids! And your blog is always so entertaining! :) Thanks for sharing!

Roscoe and Daisy said...

Yeah your back! I enjoyed your pictures and the recap of you past year in one blog entry-way to go! I am jealous you got a new camera- it takes good pictures that one of Lake is precious!

Brandon & Tiff said...

You are back. I like you blog every so often and had to decide that if my comments aren't funny oh well. We are the same in that way. It use to consume me but now I turn the computer on in the morning and I have to put it away under the bed by 9. It's my rule. All bills, e-mail and blogging must be done. Cute updates. I am glad to say I've seen or saw in person most of those pictures. I love you guys and we miss you lately.

Youngbergs said...

Welcome back! We love keeping up with your cute family. Congratulations on you sweet little girl! What a busy year for you guys -- no wonder you didn't have time to blog. :)

And thank you for the hair compliment. Funny because I was just looking at your pictures and envying your hair. I guess the grass is always greener, right?

Marsdinis said...

Yea, you're back! And congrats on your new little one! Hopefully we'll see you guys soon. Thanks for the fun update!(and congrats on rockin' it au natural during labor!!!:) )

Ty and Ber said...

Some how I missed your post but clearly I jsut found it. I am glad that you are back to blogging. it is fun reading about all the fun things your family does.

Grand Pooba said...

I'm so so glad you're back!

Sidney said...

nice of you to re-enter the world. :) this is all i ever get to see of i've missed you!!! and i had NO idea you were having a baby. what a sweetie....and i love the name!!! don't go away again. :(

Megan said...

So random comment - Lake's birthday is the day after Anna's. Kai's birthday is just before Evan's and Jude and I share a birthday. How crazy is that?! Any who, I too have made the 'simplify' rule when it comes to blogging. It has been so nice to only check blogs two times a week - I have so much more time now. lol. Kinda sad. Your Halloween costumes are awesome. Sad we didn't get to see you guys this year - last year was such a blast!