Monday, March 29, 2010


I let my kids eat hot dogs for breakfast today...


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lake's Blessing

We blessed Lake on March 7th and it was such a special day for us. Elder L. Tom Perry and Jeffery R. Holland from the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles were in attendance in our sacrament meeting that day. They were taking care of some stake business and needed a sacrament meeting to go to... so they came to ours. The whole day had such a special spirit about it. Not only because we were blessing Lake, but because we got to sit at the feet of two apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Ben and I talked about how neat it would be if they would be able to stand in the circle as he blessed our sweet little one. So right before the meeting was about to start Ben went up to the front, along with another Daddy from our ward who was blessing his daughter that day, and shook both the apostles hands and asked if they would stand in the circle. He said something like, "We are blessing our daughter today and were wondering if you would stand in the circle". He was standing right next to the other Dad and Elder Holland looked at both of them and said teasingly, "You're blessing the same daughter?" They all laughed. Isn't that cute?

It was so cool to have them stand in as we presented our little girl before the Elders of the Church and gave her a name and a blessing. Her name, Lake Lucy, is a very special name to us. Lake-because we love it so much. It is unique and serene. It represents nature and all of it's beauty. Lucy-because we love it so much. After Ben's grandma, Lucille, who is kind and gentle. Celestial in every way. And also after my mom, Grandma Blu (it's actually Grandma Lu, Lu for Luana, but my kids have always thought it was Gram Blu). Grandma Blu who is generous and supportive and loving beyond words.

Of course Lake was a complete angel and looked so beautiful. We gave Skyler (Ben's little brother) Lake's binky to hold just incase she started to fuss during the blessing. He was supposed to give it to her if she needed it so he kept peeking on her to make sure she was still happy. Afterwords he told us that she smiled through the whole blessing and he thought she was going to bust up laughing. What a little squeaker pants.

After the blessing when Ben held her up to show the ward how beautiful she is, it was so funny to hear everyone giggle at her cute hair. It was such a great blessing and we had such a wonderful experience. Lake sure is a special girl and this will be such an awesome story to tell her about when she gets older. We love her so dang much. Wow! What a special day for us. One which we will never forget.

(you can see more pictures of Lake and her dress here)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dear Lake:

Starting with Kai, Ben has made it a point to write down some of the details and a few of his thoughts and feelings surrounding the event of each child's birth. He is so good at putting his thoughts into words and I wanted to share what he wrote about Lake's arrival. So sweet...

December 20, 2009

Life has been on hold for the last week and a half as your mom and I have awaited your arrival. We were told that you would arrive and December 14th at the latest. When December 14th came and went we spent every second in anticipation and excitement. Finally on Thursday December 17th your mother called me at work and told me that, “baby Lake is coming very soon.” I was able to finish a full day’s work and come home to help the family be fed and bathed. We put your older brother and sister to bed and Mom and I sat down on the couch and talked about her consecutive contractions. By 10:00pm Mom thought it would be a good idea to get in the tub and relax, I was very sleepy and fell asleep. Mom tried to sleep but her contractions were growing more and more painful. At 11:30pm she woke me up and told me that we had better get things loaded in the car because she thinks it’s time to bring Baby Lake into this world. Grandma Lu was very excited to stay at the house with big brother and sister as Mom and Dad left for the hospital. We arrived at the hospital around 1:00am. Your Mother had decided about 4 months ago that she would give birth to you naturally. I supported her decision but was very scared for her. We told the nursing staff of our desire to avoid medication and they were very accommodating and put us in the labor and delivery room. It wasn’t until 7:00am when Dr. Beirer broke mom’s water that the action began. By 8:00am your Mother was in very serious pain. Each contraction brought with it a very tight grasp and almost uncontrollable breathing for your mom. I stood at her bedside attempting to comfort and calm her. Seeing her struggle and shake brought tears to my eyes but I needed to be strong and supportive. It was her that was experiencing a pain that she’s never felt before. I stroked her hair, face, and arm and told her that she was doing great. Finally the birthing crew entered the room and mom and I knew that you were moments away from being in our arms. Mom stayed strong and continued to push and focus. Not once did she lose control or burst out in tears or screams although I could tell that she was very close to doing so. The Doctor came into the room around 8:20am and after 15 minutes of leg grabbing pushing, by mom of course, the most precious sound of your first breathe and scream entered the room along with an overwhelming feeling of peace and happiness. Your mother and I both smiled and cried as you were placed on mommy’s chest to be held and loved. You were perfect, a beautiful little angel who brought a very sweet spirit into our lives on Friday December 18th, 2009 at 8:35am. We spent the first two hours of your mortal life holding you, feeding you, and loving you. Your mother has felt a very special connection with you since the day she found out she was pregnant with you. She has been so excited to meet you and nurture you. I too have enjoyed the thought of you being a part of our family. Life has been less hectic the past 9 months, I’m finally finished with school, our home is built, and it has been very easy to focus on you and your arrival to our home. The first 24 hours of your live have been heavenly for your mother and me. You truly are a blessing to our family. As I hold you, kiss you, and smell you, I can’t help but smile out of joy; you are finally here!